Motor Vehicle  Collisions/Reconstruction.


We have the training, expertise, equipment and desire to make sure each of our clients receive the best forensic traffic reconstruction services.  We provide causation analysis for automobiles, truck, motorcycles, bus, and pedestrian involved crashes.


1. Determination of vehciel speed using:

    - Skid marks

    - Yaw marks

    - Conservation of Linear Momentum

    - Energy/crush


2. Determination of ability to have avoided a collision

    - Time/distance analysis

    - Perception reaction and perception point analysis for a driver


3.  Vehicle examination:

     - Impact dynamics

     - Damage analysis


4. Seatbelt use and effectiveness analysis

    - Occupant kinematics analysis


5. Vehicle lamp (filament) analysis

     - fialment examination to determine, if possible, if the bulb was incandesent at

       the time of the crash.


6. Photography / Video

    - Documentation of all physical evidence at the crash site.

    - Documentation of damage sustained by a vehicle in a crash or to determine if

       damage was from a particular crash.

   - Nighttime scene photogrophy / video


7. Scale diagrams:

    - scaled diagrams detailing:

       - Physical evidence identified at the crash site.

       - Point/area of impact.

      - Final rest of vehicles

      - Placement of vehicle(s) during pre or post-impact travel


8. Forensic laser mapping of crash site.


9. Forensic visual perception

    - Determination of illumination at the crash site.

    - Determination of background illumination at the crash site that may/may not

       have contributed to the crash.

    - Isocandela (lighting map) for vehicles and scene illumination form other



10. Expert reports prepared.


11. Expert trial and deposition testimony.


CARS, Inc. is assoicated with several professional firms with expertiese in the Federal regulations regarding the trucking / busing industry, also simulation-animations.



Forensic Scene Mapping/Survey and Scale Diagrams


CARS, Inc. has the expert techs, Michael "Mike" Fouty and James "Dusty" Gregory, in the area of forensic scene mapping and diagraming.  They have taken speciliazed classes specifally designed for the forensic mapping/surveying of crash site at the Institute of Police Technology & Management, University of North Florida.  In addition they have over 30 years of combined experience as detectives with the Traffic Homicide Investigation Unit with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.  Both Mike and Dusty have the expertise and experience to produce accurate scale diagrams from their laser mapping of a scene.  The diagrams can show the pre-impact, impact, post-impact travel path and final rest of each vehicle.  These diagrams can be used at mediation or as trial exhibits.


  1. Crash Data Retrieval System by BOSCH.


We have the equipment and software developed by BOSCH in conjunction with the majority of the automobile manufactures that allows us to access a vehicles Event Data Recorder (EDR) and image the data recorded should the impact reach the criteria set to either deploy the airbags or write a non deployed event.  Mr. Charles "Chuck" Hall has taken all the classes, including the advanced class, in order to be able to use the equipment.  He is a retired FHP Traffic Homicide Investigator that before his reritement performed many CDR imaging from crashed vehicles.  Please contact us with the make, model, year and vehicle identification number (VIN) of a vehicle you may have in your case to see if it is one that we can image data from.

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